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Let's face it, investing in a TV and finding a service company to safely mount it can be overwhelming. We offer the easiest TV Mounting Service in NJ, From what brand to what size to what features and resolutions is enough to stress anyone out.  JNS Audio Video of Bergen County New Jersey has been educating and helping everyone make the right decision on which television is best for over 20 years. We understand the latest technology and can simplify it so you can be confident you made the best choice, for years to come. Going it alone at your local electronics store is nerve-racking, with all the choices and not knowing if the sales person is selling on commission or what's over-stocked in the back room.

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We will give you a few recommendations after listening to your needs and deliver the perfect television to your home.  Of course we are also available to mount your TV on the wall, fireplace or design a custom motorized hidden television installation. We will also run all of the cables and wires through the wall to ensure a neat and clean installation. Additionally, we can install your TV on just about any surface, from a standard drywall to brick or concrete. We also have the resources to re-locate your electrical outlet behind the television, maybe even recess it for the cleanest TV installation possible.


Are you renting your place? Don’t worry. With our years of experience and custom wall plates, you can rest assured that we won’t leave a mess behind when you decide to move. We can also provide a low-profile mount, tilting mount, or full-motion articulating mount at about half the cost of those in big box stores. Learn more about our outdoor TV installation here.

Have you experienced the Samsung Frame TV yet?

JNS Audio Video is your authorized Samsung Frame TV Dealer In New Jersey. 

Prices starting at $599


JNS is extremely thorough in all of our projects and processes, even with something as simple as a TV mount, we like you to be in the know. Of course if you still have questions after reading about our process below, we are always happy to answer them, in simple terms, over the phone or at your home, free of charge.

TV Performance: Our goal is to find the best TV for the best price according to your individual preferences and budget. Are you a gamer or sports fanatic? You’re going to need a faster processor. Are you a videophile with a discerning eye for detail in blockbuster movies? You’re going to want 8k resolution. Do you dislike how some content is overly manipulated or maybe you’re not an avid TV junkie? There may be a less expensive solution we can accommodate you with. Either way your personal preferences matter and we can save you money while still exceeding your expectations. 

Size, Location And Mount:  There is no shortage of mounting options and knowing about all of them may even change where you originally thought your TV would be installed. JNS will take the time to evaluate the space, listen to your needs and help you decide the best size, location and mount.

Free Proposal: After our consult we will offer you a few proposals with different price points to decide which is the best solution for you. An 80% deposit for the equipment is required to continue the process.

TV Delivery And Installation: When you’re ready JNS will schedule a convenient time to deliver and install your television exactly as promised. Our professional staff takes pride in keeping your home clean and quiet during the entire installation. We abide by the current CDC recommendations and always respect your individual comfort level during our visit. We are friendly and courteous so please don't hesitate in asking us questions or letting us know your concerns at any time. Once the project is complete the remaining balance (20%) is due which includes all labor and any remaining equipment.

TV And Equipment Introduction:  It's all new to you and we understand how overwhelming new technology can be. Our team is extremely patient and understands it may take some going over to get you comfortable with your new investment. Sure the channel or volume up-down is simple but what about accessing your favorite apps like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon or how to set that convenient sleep timer? Don't worry we are going to show you everything you need to know! We genuinely want to make this process easy and enjoyable, after all we hope you to refer our professional services to your family and friends in the future.


Mount Type:  You have infinite choices when it comes to your tv being installed, the most popular are:

  • Flat Mount: TV is mounted flat to the wall and will not tilt or swivel.

  • Tilt Mount: This choice is great for Televisions mounted higher than usual and also popular in bedrooms since most viewing happens while laying down. A tilt mount allows you to tilt the TV down for a better viewing experience.

  • Swivel Mount: Maybe you have two viewing areas adjacent to each other that can be accommodated with a single TV on an articulating arm. A swivel mount is great for mounting your TV in a corner of the room. You may also choose a swivel mount if you need access to the TV connections for game consoles or mobile devices that require a hard wire connection. We can supply you with an interface anywhere in the room as well.

  • Hidden Television: If you’re looking to conceal your television JNS can custom design a motorized solution that fits the space. Whether yo want it to rise from a piece of furniture (great for the end of the bed), rise up from the floor, lower from the ceiling or a television hidden in a pantry, we like to think we have done it all, and if we haven't, we have the trade relationships and custom experience to make yours unique.

Electrical Outlet:  When mounting your television on a wall you will need an electrical outlet located behind the screen. The only alternative is running the power cord down the wall and possibly running an extension cord to the outlet close by. This is not a solution but more of an eyesore that will not allow you to mount the TV as close to the wall as possible. JNS has the trade relationships to have a power outlet installed in a convenient location. There is a surcharge for this option.

Wire Concealment:  There are a few cables you may need to get the most out of your television investment including a traditional cable wire, HDMI cable, network wire and maybe even a control wire. Don’t worry we will take care of all this and make sure none of them are interrupting the design of your home. We have all experienced the cable company drilling holes all over, running cable over door-jams and across the floor which comes from lack of care and laziness. JNS leaves you with no surprises and a truly immaculate TV installation that will compliment your entertainment space and not have you regretting your decision.

Smart TV Connections: Today's televisions are jam packed with features and an unlimited amount of apps which means you will need an internet connection. You could use the on board WiFI connection but we strongly recommend not doing this. Your home is filled with WiFi dependent devices which are taking up too much bandwidth already and will only leave you with a frustrating viewing experience. JNS will run a direct hard wire to your smart TV which will eliminate slow loading times, pixelation and of course the dreaded blank screen that leads to rebooting everything and losing the entire entertaining experience.

TV Connection Access:  Sometimes our clients have a game console or other streaming video device they like to connect to their TV that is wall mounted. If you plan on connecting and disconnecting these devices a well thought out Television installation is a must. You will probably need a tilt mount or swivel mount for easy access which may include an auxiliary power cord and network cable.



Some like it larger than life (as shown above) while others like it "just right". In the end the TV size and the height of installation is what you feel comfortable with. Sure there are articles, blogs, videos and guides on what is the best height to mount your TV but we know everyone is unique. Below you will find the official industry standards on how high a certain size TV should be mounted. JNS can help you decide by showing you, in your space the size of the TV and different heights to fit your personal choice.

TV Size
Minimum Distance
Maximum Distance
9 Feet
12.5 Feet
7.5 Feet
11 Feet
6.5 Feet
10 Feet
6 Feet
9.5 Feet
9 Feet
5.50 Feet
8.5 Feet
5 Feet
8 Feet
4.75 Feet
7.5 Fee
4.50 Feet
7 Feet
4.25 Feet
6.5 Feet
4 Feet
6 Feet
3.50 Feet
5.5 Feet
3.25 Feet
5 Feet
3 Feet
4.6 Feet
2.75 Feet
4.2 Feet
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